Brittany Walsh is a fine art Midwest wedding photographer- just kidding, I think it's totally weird when people write their bios in the third person.  I'm Brittany, I live in Fergus Falls, Minnesota with my handsome bearded man Seth, our fourteen year old daughter Ayva, brand new baby Otto, and our dueling pets: Murray (Boston Terrier) and Amelie (cutest cat in the world because cats are the best).

In addition to a borderline unhealthy interest in cats, my other love is traveling.  I always try to kayak at least once in every new country I visit (even if 'kayak' sometimes means 'tip over and bob around in the sea').  I'm also a former derby girl who will shamelessly talk your ear off about roller derby if you ask.  Aside from a fascination with peculiar amateur taxidermy, and the comedic genius Mr. Bean, my other guilty pleasures include sticking googly eyes on anything I see fit, and watching endless sloth videos on the internet (fun fact: a sloth hospital is called a 'slothspital').

I hate onions, bees, and hashtagging.  As a wedding photographer, the bees and the hashtags are pretty unavoidable, but I'll be damned if you try to sneak onions into my dinner.

golden hour portrait of photographer in yellow skirt in front of a willow tree